All ideas and impression published in this section are subjective and based in my own interactions and experiences with  each country, it policies, its culture and its people. just reporting my views.

This map reflects not only the location of the country but their historical area of influence and damage. Currently some countries have a global or strong regional impact with global consequences.

The ¨British Empire¨

As it is common to refer to military occupied territories, exploited people and destroyed cultures around the globe by the british.

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Robbie Dempsey said...

Brits are one of most amazing civilizations in Europe. They have created capitalism, piracy and most of the modern world greed, through their imperialism and brutality across history. Even today all this can be seen in their people attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

It must be said brits have developed great pop music (they unfortunately use to keep the population numb) and a several amount of alternative and subcultural movements, probably product of an extremely oppresive society and system.