Sunday, December 11, 2011

Who gives back to their provider?

Providers are those who provide.
Parents,  government,  husbands,  teachers,  caretakers and all those institutions an people that permanently create theresources for other people to fill their needs and enjoy wellbeing. But gives back to them?

In Europe, it is quite frequent to see people complain about everything they wish and do not have permanently unsatisfied with the things and services the welfare state provides them with.

Most people blame politicians, the system and the government about any small detail or circumstance they do not feel fulfilled or compleatly pleased with ignoring everything they receive and thier own resposibility and implication with society. Completely eluding their own responsibility as part of the community and the system and denying they can also make a change, contribute to other people´s lives and make the world a better place.

Years and years of State paternalism has made citizens think they have to have everything for granted and make no effort to build anything, or work to make a change beyond their small region. regionalism pride and egocentrism make the differences bolder rather than creating a real union in Europe.

Demanding is a thing most people know how to do. Asking for things, criticizing everything and   complaining about everything making almost everything impossible is an easy task. But who is willing to give?

Who willing to compromise or get involved? Who sees beyond their own needs?
Providers do.

So here is the question again?
Where does the energy and commitment of providers come from?
How can they go on and on making efforts to provide unless others give back to them or they can fill their own needs?
Who cares about them?


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