Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Looking forward for a change

after six years of working hard and advancing very slowly I think I have seen the real face of this city and may even the general face of the country. And I don´t like it.

being 41 now, with my dreams and projects on hold is a very difficult situation. Should I give up and stay here trying to survive and forgetting about being constantly tormented by expectations and impossible ideas or should I start again in a new environment and give it a try for the third...maybe fourth time?

I now wish to run away from mediocrity, laziness, lack of interest and rudeness, but am I going in the right direction?

leaving this Virtual country and virtual city, where everything is a lie, just a facade may be a good a idea, but on the other side I don´t really know the place where I am going, don´t know the language and dont´t know their way.

this is not my place and know know but where is it, once I thought my place would be anywhere I was. I thought I would adapt and survive and I´ve done it. Now I feel I just belong, don´t agree and don´t want to get used to the way it is here.

I am definitively needing a change, a fresh start, an opportunity to try my best again and still try to make before I get too disappointed about myself in this world.

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