Friday, July 22, 2011

Hunting the Vulnerable

Recently , local newspapers have been publishing ¨news¨ about fighting street vendors, that sell ¨illegal¨ copies of designer bags, fake sunglasses, ¨illegal¨ cds and dvds and that kind of good, getting to the point to make them look like very dangerous and aggressive criminals society must be afraid of and in consequence exterminate.

But, if you look at them closely, you can discover most of them are just teenager that ran away from their our countries, many of them risking their life in a deadly trip to get the the promised land of the first world, where they are treated worse that we treat our street dogs or cats.  When I make them visible to my eyes I see young men trying to make a living from whatever they can to be able to earn some euros they have to send back to their homes or pay a big percent to someone else.

Usually under terrible human conditions, they are hunted, questioned, captured, beaten, humiliated by everyone around them. It is ok to donate for Africa from our savings accounts but none cares a bit about the when they are around the corner,They will have to run every time the police is around and be afraid of being around everyday, while we pretend they do not exist.

Why can they get some opportunities, education or jobs or social assistance when they are already here? because they are black? foreign?, speak other languages and believe in other gods?

In the meantime, European companies and governments exploit their natural resources back in their countries, to provide the first world market with nice jewelery, mobile phones, gadgets and fuel.

Hunting the vulnerable and making the population hate them seems to be the rule number one, to  be part of the first world and a welfare state.

Welcome to the real jungle.


Anonymous said...

para la muestra un botón

Anonymous said...

aqui teneis otro articulo del mismo corte en el pais, es una campaña contra esa pobre gente al parecer...