Saturday, July 16, 2011

A water and Pony Tale

this story happened every summer. When my mother reached certain age, every summer she would trnasform in a different animal if touched deep currrent water.

Our job was to help return home safely without her getting lost, hunt or stolen by anyone in the region.

it happened several times. In the first tiem she became a dog and wonderdered in the streets, not being able to tell us what happened and who was trying to make her dissapear. as soon as she turned vack, we not everyone wanted to help get back home safe.

In the second year, we were walking by the river when she received a call. my sister who was 7 months pregnant was about to have her baby. She run son fast to help her that fell deep in the river.

One of our employees and me had to dive into his river full of  fish to find her. she had become a pony this time, with same color she was wearing black an white, a strong beautiful pony would run so much to be safe.

But this year I suddenly knew some of our employees trying to make her disappear the year before. she never told us but I could know by the way this guy run into her. he wasn´t helping. He was hunting her.

As soon as I stepped out of the water saw the fear in this pony´s eyes. I called her several times, asking her to be visible to me while she ran into the woods protecting herself from us.
Suddenly she appeared to me and stared asking me to run with her, but this time instead of jumping into the river again we followed the river path.

When we arrived to our home, people from the town admired the pony, tried to buy it and steal it, tried to tie it and seduce it, but it keep walking beside me all day, non stop, til it fell exhausted when entering a shopping mall. there in the middle of the crown the transformation began from horse to woman again.

A big celebration took place in my family that day. we know knew we would all become animals for a day, every year in the summer. We had to take care of each other, because we were different and everyone knew.

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