Saturday, September 4, 2010

blood lost its meaning

In recent years television series, news, art, fashion, books, music, and even children´s toys an games involve blood in the form of joke, vampire, surgery, decoration and even food. Blood stood for year in  mind as an intimate, special and private matter frequently an emergency symbol.

Right now blood is no longer relevant. It doesn´t mean death, war or danger. It became low fat blood.

People see it and laugh and don't care, it does not mean anything any more. it is like seeing water or coca cola, just another red thing, just another liquid. But this makes us unsensitive to suffering, pain, death or sacrifice, makes us indifferent and cold to other people.makes our heart harder.

Blood should mean, should put us in alert, should make us care and it shoulnd´t be a joke.

 In the animal kingom, blood does have a meaning, means danger, food and survival, means death, means pain an means lack of protection.

Maybe we are getting dumb and letting our natural instincts die, we are forgetting about us being alive, we are slowly becoming neutral, gray, flat.


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