Saturday, September 4, 2010

Keeping my mind clear

And now as if it wasn´t enough in my mind I have to worry abuout keeping it clear from hidden media messages, staying center in a sea o disturbing information that drives me away from the thing I dream and want to achieve.

Observing daily life around me I seee things change and become more complex everytime. I see media putting on my face things I normaly refuse or avoid.

  • Blood as an irrelevant presence.
  • Violence and cruelty as fun.
  • Porn instead of sexuality.
  • Conspiracies instead of government.
  • A fake ecology.
  • Clothes as uniforms.
  • Food as poison.
  • Poverty and misery instead of progress.

All of them things that put me apart from my real connection with the world and stand between my mind and the universe, like trying to distract me from what is inside me and real.

I ask myself why all this things suddenly appear. Why so many similar things at the same time. Why everything so standard? Has my vision broaden? has my brain woken up from some anaesthesic state?

I see people behaving like automats that don't think for themselves but act a stereotyped dolls, afraid of having an identity and willing to fit in a classification. just following a very predictable path a very obvious life, without expectation, just programmed surprises and fake excitement during their holidays, predictable answers, predictable jokes, predictable reactions,all inside a safezone that lets them stay comfortable and grow their fear of being themselves.

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